Un-monkey Your Busy Mind: Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or depression as a result of overthinking?

If so, “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind” might be the book you’re looking for.


A Technique From the Book

By the time you finish this book, you’ll become better at observing your thoughts. The good news is I’m not asking you to do that right now. For this exercise, let’s look at your thoughts from a different angle. Recall a recent situation where you felt a negative emotion (fear, anger, sadness, etc.), perhaps an argument with a friend or relative. Pick a moment that wasn’t too difficult. Try to remember the thoughts you were having. Explain the situation. Who was there? What were you thinking? What emotions did you experience? We’ll use your answers later to further review your thoughts and beliefs. For now, how does it feel capturing that pesky thought? Do you see how it caused your emotions and how thoughts around the emotion were also negative? Great job finishing this exercise and discovering a new insight.

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Are you tired of your thoughts holding you hostage? Do you find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of worry and analysis? It’s time to break free and reclaim control of your mind. Dive into “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind: Reduce Stress & Anxiety.” The ultimate guide to liberating yourself from the shackles of overthinking.

“Un-monkey Your Busy Mind” provides a practical and compassionate guide to managing and

overcoming stress, anxiety, and depression

in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.

Whether you’re:

  • A Working Mother
  • Career Driven
  • A Busy Student

This book is tailored to your unique challenges and offers effective strategies to regain control of your mental well-being and stop overthinking.

What can you expect from “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind”?

  1. Clear Examples and Exercises that stop overthinking.

learn new techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the conditions that contribute to stress, anxiety, and overthinking. “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind” provides insight into how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected. It explains how negative thinking patterns and unhelpful beliefs can fuel anxiety and stress, and offers practical strategies for interrupting these patterns.

  1. Empower Yourself:

Learn evidence-based strategies for managing stress and anxiety. Increase your sense of control and self-efficacy, actively engage in your own well-being.

  1. Learn at Your Own Pace:

Learn at your own pace and revisit concepts or techniques as needed. Follow exercises, meditations, and practical examples that guide you through the process of applying CBT, Quick Relief, and mindfulness techniques to stop overthinking and reduce stress, anxiety.

Don’t let stress, anxiety, and depression dictate your life.

Take charge of your mental well-being and create a happier, more fulfilling life with “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind.” Order your copy today and embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and harmony.

Sections of the Book

The Quick Relief Section

explains techniques to help you deal with intrusive thoughts, relieving the stress and anxiety that accompanies them.

Methods in the quick relief section are easy to do and calm your mind fast. Use these methods anywhere in almost any situation.

What’s Blocking the Road?

The CBT Section discusses how our thoughts, thought patterns, and mistaken beliefs cause the negative emotions we feel. Later in that section, there are exercises which allow you to investigate your thoughts and help you manage them for better outcomes and less anxiety.

To finish, the Presence Section explains how awareness of thoughts and emotions can change how we experience life and bring us greater peace. You may find one section more helpful than others, or that the combination of methods makes one brilliant solution for you.

A Doctor’s Review of  “Un-monkey Your Busy Mind”

Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2023

Dr. April Brown, -Amazon

Achieve a better work-life balance

Achieve a better work-life balance and reduce stress levels to improve your overall well-being
Overcome a tendency to overthink, which often leads to self-doubt, analysis paralysis, and decision-making difficulties
Manage anxiety more effectively and regain a sense of calm and confidence

How this Book Helps:

– Practical techniques to manage stress and achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

– Step-by-step exercises and mindfulness practices that assist in quieting a racing mind, breaking free from overthinking, and gain clarity in decision-making.

– Incorporating cognitive-behavioral tools and holistic well-being approaches, the book helps to address the root causes of anxiety and depression, facilitating your journey towards healing and happiness.

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