Social Media Detox: Why Teens Should Take Time Away From Electronics

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We all love jumping on our phones, tablets, and computers to chat away with our friends, learn the latest trends, and stay up to date with famous icons. They are even useful for accessing home help and watching hours of our favorite influencers. These devices provide us with quick and easy access to the entire world with just a single click or swipe of the finger, and for that, we couldn’t love them more. With these advantages of using social media, there are just as many disadvantages that can be detrimental to teenagers’ mental health.

Self-Care Tips For Teens: The Best Ways To Show Yourself Some Love

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Sadly, the hustle and bustle of modern-day life make it nearly impossible for teens to enjoy their youth. Instead, adolescents are working hard to make it into their first pick college, earning money to plan for their futures, and frantically trying to keep up with their peers and social media influencers. While the chances of these issues disappearing are slim to none, there is a way to help teens find themselves again and reduce the amount of stress they put themselves under. This is by practicing self-care and using mindfulness techniques.

Improving Teen Mental Health: Mother Nature’s Cure For Stress and Anxiety

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Teenage life today is incredibly fast paced, with school, homework, sports, part-time jobs, etc. While there really isn’t a way to avoid it, there is a way to keep yourself grounded and help find yourself when you feel lost in the chaos, reconnecting with nature. Nature has its own healing powers used since the beginning of time. To get all the benefits you need, all you must do is put your toes in the sand, inhale a deep breath of fresh air, or simply enjoy the view.


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