Are You Left Feeling Overwhelmed when you try to understand your teen and the everyday challenges they face?

Connecting with your teen can frustrate, especially when they are always isolating themselves.

Does This Sound familiar:

They fail classes when they used to be an ‘A’ student
Have explosive outbursts
Break all your rules
Cry all the time
Don’t fit in with peers

Are you worried about their future, feeling that they aren’t adjusting well, concerned they seem depressed, anxious, and just unwilling to try anymore?

Many of your child’s behaviors stem from feelings of inadequacy.

Your teen won’t try if they think they are going to fail.


Awkward social interactions make your child feel less than others. Inability to communicate can isolate your child and leave them feeling alone in a room full of other students.
One of the most important parts of a teen’s life is their peer group. How they interact with friends, enemies, teachers and yes, even you, will determine how they feel about their self, and how they behave.

Fear and not knowing who they are causes your child to fall victim to the brutal whims of other teens.
To flourish, they must understand who they want to be and stand their ground.

Sometimes it’s just small wins that turn the tide. If your teen learns to communicate their needs and wants, they change their interaction with others. When they understand themselves deeply, and assert their values, they’ll rise to the top.

With commitment, your child can transition into adulthood without the scars that many endure. Sadly, many teens never learn boundaries and self-respect. Those teens go on to life hard lives.
Your child can begin their journey to confident independence by studying and practicing
“Social Skills Teens Need to Survive High School.”
With 37 real-life examples of how to handle difficult life situations

And a companion workbook(sold separately) your teen can

practice and document new life skills
build a personal bill of rights
get on the fast track to healthy, happy young adulthood

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